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Sean Walker

Exploring the infosec industry

I could have also named this, what the heck is all of this b2b saas security stuff and how can I compete in this market?

I know about the edges of this market but I didn’t know (and still don’t know) a ton about how it works or what’s worth paying for, or in the words of at least one famous influencer, what’s the different between:

in this weird, B2B SaaS security space.

Also this blog post is my first attempt at getting some traffic for this specific idea, although I think I can use adwords if I charge enough?

Stay with me.

I’ll lay out what the point of this stuff is first, like what problems the stuff is supposed to be solving and then I’ll talk about the “products” themselves.

I think this market is great for three reasons:

  1. Sometimes these enterprise deals can’t close until you get SOC2/HIPAA/ISO27001 accreditation
  2. It’s a pain in the butt to gather all of these docs together and to stay compliant year after year
  3. Some of these companies are paying in excess of $100k / year to ease the pain

So this is great, right? Money is changing hands, (a lot of it), the theoretical market is growing because there are more and more B2B SaaS companies every year at least I think there are and there’s legal stuff involved which means barrier to entry / high complexity. I love this so far!

So the bad news is there are a ton of competitors with deep pockets and huge teams.