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Sean Walker

SaaS is TaaS

After trying and failing for quite a while, much longer than most people to build a SaaS, you could say i’m SaaD. I’ve also learned a thing or two about failing, and one thing i’ve learned is that software businesses aren’t really about software, they’re about trust.

All of those things are the same thing. They’re helping you build trust between you and your future customers. In a world where there are 10,000 SaaS apps for any given category, the only thing separating the GLaaD ones from the SaaD ones is trust.

So don’t just start making a SaaS in your room by yourself, turn on your webcam and stream. Record a youtube video. Live tweet. Do something to get the word out that you’re making something. I have a theory that the success of a SaaS is directly proportional to how much communication you do throughout the build process.

Take this example.

If you live stream everyday for an hour everyday while you’re building it, you have a much higher chance of success than if you worked on it for 8 hours a day and just posted it to product hunt, reddit and HN at the end.

So don’t just make your side project, build an audience by building in public, and don’t be SaaD like me, build trust.

If only there were Software as a Service that could gain you Trust as a Service.