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Sean Walker

Reddit Tiktok

I mashed reddit and tiktok’s ui together, complete with css scroll snap, and lazy loading on each swipe.

It’s not really a serious project, more like an example of what a mobile first, text first platform could look like. Without further ado:

The source is here

I want to walk through the stack this project uses and how it could make deploying easy.

The stack

This is in the readme as well, so didn’t want to go too much in depth here, but:

The code

The majority of the code is in one file, main.janet

It’s laid out like so:

  1. js cache busting macro
  2. database stuff (schema + “model”)
  3. reddit importing
  4. html rendering
  5. tailwind dead code elimination
  6. http server

There’s about 130 lines total, but I think the gist of what this stack brings can be summed up here:

The stack section

(import osprey :prefix "")
(import tw :prefix "")
(import sqlheavy/sqlheavy :prefix "")

This is the “stack” in code. I don’t use prefixes because I wrote everything and know what functions exist in which libraries, but if you’re just getting started, feel free to use the prefixed versions.

The database section

; # database schema
(db/query `
create table if not exists items (
  id integer primary key,
  title text,
  url text,
  author text,
  author_url text,
  posted_at integer,
  created_at integer default(strftime('%s', 'now')))`)

; # database crud methods
(defmodel Item)

This creates one table and one model. Model here is just a fancy way of saying object with five methods on it. Check the sqlheavy docs for more info there.

The UI section

I’m going to skip the reddit importing stuff and just show you how to output html with that data

(enable :static-files)

; #(def -layout-)
  (doctype :html5)
  ; # the tw macro is used wherever you want to
  ; # use tailwind classes. it works together
  ; # with tw/href and tailwind-min-css
  ; # to generate a css file in public/
  ; # with only the stuff you use
  [:html {:class (tw "relative w-full h-full p-0 m-0")}
     [:meta {:charset "utf-8"}]
     [:title "reddit-tiktok"]

     ; # this serves the tw.<hex value>.css file
     ; # generated from tailwind-min-css
     [:link {:rel "stylesheet" :href tw/href}]

     ; # this bundle macro reads the public/all.js
     ; # file and hashes the contents and outputs
     ; # a bundle.<hex value>.js file
     ; # poor man's cache busting
     [:script {:src (bundle "/all.js") :defer ""}]]
    [:body {:class (tw "relative w-full h-full p-0 m-0")}

(defn section [item]
  [:section {:class (tw "flex flex-col justify-center items-center h-screen w-full snap-start px-4")}
    [:h1 {:class (tw "text-2xl dark:text-white")}
     [:a {:href (item :url)
          :class (tw "underline")}
      (string/replace-all "&amp;" "&" (item :title))]]
    [:h2 {:class (tw "text-lg self-start dark:text-white")}
     [:a {:href (item :author_url)
          :class (tw "underline")}
      (item :author)]]])

(GET "/"
  (let [items (db/query "select * from items order by random() limit 2")]
    [:main {:class (tw "overflow-y-scroll snap snap-y snap-mandatory max-h-full max-w-lg mx-auto dark:bg-gray-800")}
      (map section items)]))

(GET "/next"
  (use-layout false)
  (content-type "text/html")

  (let [item (first (db/query "select * from items order by random() limit 1"))]
      (section item))))

; # generated, minified tailwind.css file, ~5MB
; # this gets turned into a few kb with this line
; # outputs a tw.<hex value>.css file in public/
(tailwind-min-css "tailwind.min.css")

The http server section

This just starts the osprey http server and serves those two routes, / and /next

(server 9001)