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Sean Walker


Writing janet docs went pretty well! At this point in my little web framework’s journey, I only had to add a little code to get it working, (ghetto wildcard routing) so that’s good, hopefully on the next project I won’t have to add any.

I’m really starting to pick up steam on how fast I can make a new website… I mean “web app”. It took me 8 real-time days start to finish, probably about ~16 hours total. Admittedly it’s a really simple website but there are some nice things in there like ajax examples (with fallback to no javascript) with alpine and sign in with github with almost zero permissions, not even email.

Speaking of alpine, I’m starting to hone in on certain patterns that really speed up dev time. The hiccup, janet and alpine code all mix together really nicely so it seems like I’m writing all one language, except I have to wrap certain parts in functions that emit javascript strings 🤷‍♂️

The most exciting part of this whole exercise, from askjanet and now to janetdocs is I’ve come up with a unique (to me at least) pattern of classless css and swiftui style layout primitives along with alpine and some responsive primitives to really (warning, a** is said in the video) whip html into shape. I’m going to name it, make videos and tutorial blog posts about it, sell ebooks and sell classless css themes now. I’m only half kidding.

Stack is fast to develop in and sips resources two of my favorite things: