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Sean Walker

Ruby on Rails’ Conceputal Compression is a Lie

One of rails’ core things is conceptual compression.

That is a lie.

When I first got into web development around ~2009, it was two years after I had graduated with a degree in computer engineering, so you could say it was a career change. The hot framework of the day was ruby on rails, so I attempted to learn it. Keep in mind I didn’t know what SQL was or even what HTTP was, I was fresh out of college, with at most systems level programming knowledge, more FPGA knowledge than programming really. Higher level languages eluded me.

It was an uphill battle learning ruby and rails first instead of sql, http, html, css and javascript.

I only got rails after I went back and learned the fundamentals first (especially sql). Rails does help you automate a bunch of things that may be tedious, but you have to know what those tedious things are first.

My advice to anyone starting out today, learn:

no frameworks.

Your future self will thank you.