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Sean Walker

Getting started with roda

TL;DR I made this handy roda-starter repo so you can make ruby websites that run faster and use less memory than rails!

I use docker in anger and in development so that’s where I’ll be starting:

Go ahead and install docker if you don’t have it already:

Now you can use my ace Dockerfile and roda setup:

git clone ~/Projects/your_project
cd your_project
docker compose up # listening on http://localhost:9292

Head over to localhost:9292 and check it out!

You should be able to sign up, login and logout via email (magic link) auth.

There are no styles, so good luck trying to click those links.

Here’s a quick list from the readme of some cool features:

I feel like this is pretty close to what rails gives you but without all of the omakase and higher memory usage.