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Road Trip πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Update

We paused our road trip back in March to take a break, catch a much needed breather and house/dog sit Alisha's parents dog/place. We're heading out again in the beginning of May and headed north along the coast to Vancouver, Canada. The decision to just go instead of wait until we're older, retired and can take a road trip in relative luxury in an RV or something is just the way I roll. Two words I say the most are why wait? I could probably be a very effective nike influencer if I just had the right social media presence 😭

Life on the previous leg of the trip

The previous leg of the trip is where we went from Southern California to Utah, to New Mexico, to the great plains of Colorado. I will say that when you think of CO or even see their license plate, you think amazing mountain ranges like the rockies, water flowing freely everywhere, unlike southern california. The reality was a little different, there is a bunch of water and a bunch of snow, but the rockies are just in the northern/middle part of the state, not the edges which is where we were driving the majority of the time. The roads are very straight and there are a lot of deer that for some reason just want to jump out at your car and kill themselves, my advice is to watch out for the deer. It was cold, but not as cold as we expected, so we took a little longer and then took a break and headed back to California in late February.

Gimme a break