Sean Walker

Takes hikesand makes sites


All your ppl

The idea for all your ppl came from my frustration watching my wife, and my friends continue to use this garbage, mega-corp software to communicate with their friends. Ads everywhere, psychological manipulation, everything you ever upload doesn't belong to you, it belongs to the corporation and whoever else pays for that data.

Ads everywhere

Ads aren't even the problem really, the problem is the hyper targeting of you as a person. Did you click something interesting the other day? Well a tracking cookie followed you or if a tracking cookie didn't follow you, facebook or whoever was tracking your IP address so now they know you're interested in that thing, EVEN IF IT WASNT ON FACEBOOK. Ads by themselves are harmless when they are displayed unobtrusively, explicitly and without all of the knowledge of every one of your past "likes". Ads should work like this, advertiser wants to advertise to all your ppl, ad goes up, the servers keep running, bills get paid, ad comes down. No targeting, no ads in your feed, none of that nonsense.

Psychological manipulation

Even if you don't care about the ads and you're just glad this stuff is free, the real problem with ads like the ones on large social media services today is that in order to keep you coming back to see more and more ads, they want to addict you to the service. Algorithmic feeds, red notification icons, every time you open the app, the thing is different with new content. It keeps you interested and instead of opening the app once a day or even twice a day, you might open it once or twice an hour. All those quick 1-2 minute dopamine hits don't seem like much at first, but over the course of a given week they add up to lost time to do other things, like exercise, think critically about your future and how your life is going, these companies and these social media services rob you of time to think for yourself, and that's exactly what they want. The more time you spend on their service, the more money they make from advertisers.

Growth at all costs

Well, why don't they just chill out and stop employing all of these tricks to keep you coming back? Because, they have a duty to the shareholders, and apparently to themselves to not just be ok with enough but to TAKE OVER THE WHOLE WORLD. Software is eating the world they say, and they're right. It's not only eating into the real world, it's eating into our minds. So yes, these large tech corporations like twitter, facebook, and google, need to keep you coming back and they won't be satisfied until every single human soul on planet earth is using their services as much as humanly possible every waking second of every waking day, because "if you aren't growing, you're dying."

What can one person do?

Can I make a difference with a clone of popular social networks? Maybe, it's worth a shot. Sometimes the dumbest ideas work out.