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hollaback: show your visitors you're a person not a company

Inspired by my introversion, this post and nomad list I’m making hollaback a respectful way to show who you are to your website visitors. When I say respect, I mean don’t barge in trying to help them with a chatbox in their face. There’s nothing I like less than being sold to on a website. I expect it when I’m buying a car, but I don’t expect it when visiting your site. They don’t call it browsing the web for nothing, let me browse, don’t try to help me. How does hollaback help you as a website owner? Well let me count the ways:

Tell your visitors who you are up front, not behind an about link

Contrary to popular belief, I like other people even though I tend to be more introverted most of the time, and when I visit a website, it helps me to know there’s a human or at least a team of people behind it. I usually reach for the about link if I’m encountering something new and interesting. It’s always nice to see who’s behind the site.

Simple analytics

I’m currently using google analytics but I don’t really understand it. I’m sure it works great for pros who know what they’re doing, but that’s not me, I don’t know what I’m doing, I just want to see which pages people are visiting and that’s probably it. All of the info on google analytics is overwhelming. I like the idea of a lot of info, but the way it’s laid out, at least to me, is confusing. So the idea here is to get some basic analytics, where are visitors coming from, what pages did they visit, etc. laid out in an easy way and that’ll be that.

Build your personal brand

The most important thing, I think to website owner’s success, is to build a personal brand. People follow people, not brands (at least I don’t). Products where I know someone who’s making it typically catch my attention much more than products made by seemingly anonymous people who I don’t really know. So, what’s better than seeing a face and a name behind a site right there on the site? I think it’ll be better for indie makers and better for visitors to get to know them

One up faceless corporations with your face

Is your website trying to compete with a large-ish corp? Well, good thing you’re an indie maker and the customers who do appreciate that sort of thing can make their buying decision easier knowing that it’s you and your face behind the product they’re buying, not just another corp with sales/customer service people who aren’t really into it.

Picking up what I’m putting down? Head over to hollaback to see what it’s all about it and don’t hesitate to sign up, it’s free! Also, send me an email or hit me up on twitter if you want to give me some feedback, it’s always welcome.