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Full Stack Clojure

Clojure is great and all but...

How do you just send some json from a server, how do you even write server side code? Where can you put this clojure code that runs on the jvm? TOMCAT?!

We'll go from terminal to deployed clojure app in a few steps so strap in!

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Essential Clojure Dev Tools

It's 2016, not 1958, the tools for writing lisp (clojure) have evolved. No one balances or even sees parens anymore. Here are the essential tools you should be using to write clojure and clojurescript code.

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Clojure, SQL and You

Having a difficult and time consuming time writing dozens of classes just to represent data from your database?

Finding yourself writing sql statements in your code?

How much of your app do you think is data access code?

How much do you think is really necessary?

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Things Clojure Makes Simple

There's quite a few things that clojure makes simpler.

Some high level ones are:

  • syntax (or lack thereof)
  • composition
  • async
  • immutability

But there are tons more!

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Why Clojure Why Now?

Clojure is slow to start, it's not the fastest once it gets going either. It runs on the JVM and has interop with java which is my least favorite language. The stack traces are terrible, bugs are easy to create and large refactoring is difficult without a lot of well written, well thought out tests.

There's a lot to dislike about clojure, so why would I choose to write clojure and why would I start in 2016?

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2015 In Review

2015 was kind of a crazy year for me, I mean I didn't jump out of a plane like I did in 2013, or get married in Hawaii like I did in 2014, it was crazy for different reasons.

First, my wife and I went to Australia and New Zealand, hiked up mountains, around lakes, camped in the middle of nowhere, saw amazing things, and had amazing experiences. That isn't to say that we didn't go other places domestically, like Havasu Falls, AZ, Yosemite and NY.

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React One Way Data Flow

The one thing that makes the react way of doing things a better way than most is the one way data flow. It makes reasoning about your app simple, predictable and boring.

When new technology is exciting, that's probably a bad sign. But when it's boring, that means you should probably check it out at the very least.

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My Stack

Writing about modern web and app development is a moving target, my stack has changed in 6 months and it will probably change again in another 6.

So consider this the conclusion of modern web development.

And the start of an ever updating series of posts about what my current stack is like.

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Modern Web Development: Terminal

This is an N part series about the tools and tricks of the trade involved with writing modern web apps.

It's time to customize our terminal since we won't be using any gui tools to manage our source code because I think they’re confusing.

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Modern Web Development: Linting

This is an N part series about the tools and tricks of the trade involved with writing modern web apps

Now that you have sublime text set up, it's time to go crazy with some packages.

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Modern Web Development: Getting Started

This is an N part series about the tools and tricks of the trade involved with writing modern web apps

Let’s get sublime text set up:

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React Native

Stop what you’re doing. Seriously. Stop it.

The world has just changed in a significant way. Nothing is the same anymore.

React Native was fully open sourced and it is amazing. Writing mobile apps will never be the same again. In fact you shouldn’t write them without React Native anymore. Stop using Objective-C, stop using Swift, (unless you’re writing custom controls) and start using React Native.

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Rotten Apples

I notice that a lot of people criticize apple for its bad software, especially recently. What's funny though is that I don't think these people use competing software on a day to day basis to form any conclusion about apples software relative to the rest of the industry.

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React.js and Authentication

Reactjs and Authentication

I don't see a lot of people talking about single page apps and authentication in general, but the reactjs info out there is anemic to say the least.

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React.js and Baobab

The server story of react.js isn't quite complete yet, flux is one way to do things, but I don't quite understand how it helps me write apps faster.

One thing I did find however is baobab

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