Professionally homeless
Making Outside List, Hollaback,
Have No Fomo and Coast on Clojure
March 18 2018
coast.beta - the easy full stack clojure web application framework

When it’s time to make a website, what do you really want? You want to associate a url with a bit of code. You don’t want...
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March 16 2018
Hollaback - Tell your visitors who made your site

Inspired by my introversion, this post and nomad list I’m making hollaback: a respectful way to show who you are to your website visitors. When I say respectful...
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March 10 2018
coast.alpha - An even easier way to make full stack websites with clojure

Hot on the heels of coast 1.0 comes coast.alpha, why dot alpha and not 2.0? Because...
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